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Werder Bremen coaches banned by DFB

German Football Association sports court penalises Markus Anfang and Florian Junge for fake Covid cards

The Sports Court of the German Football Association (DFB) has imposed suspensions on Markus Anfang, coach of Werder Bremen, and his former co-coach Florian Junge.

The suspensions of Anfang and Junge relate to the two coaches having obtained forged covid vaccinations cards last summer, which incorrectly identified them as twice vaccinated against the coronavirus.

They presented the cards to their employer and, as a result, ceased to take part in testing conducted by Werder Bremen.

Anfang has been banned from coaching for one year and fined €20,000, while Junge has been banned for ten months and fined €3,000.

In June this year, both bans will be suspended until June 2023.

Hans E. Lorenz, chairman of the DFB Sports Court, said: "Markus Anfang and Florian Junge have, through their actions, violated the role model function as coaches to a considerable extent. In view of their confessions, however, it is justified to suspend part of the ban on probation to give them the opportunity to make a new commitment for the 2022/2023 season."

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