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Unauthorised broadcasts in Turkey

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Update on football broadcasting by Güleryüz & Partners

The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) board has now been authorised to impose access ban on unauthorised broadcasts without a court decision, through the new article introduced to the Law No. 5894 on Establishment and Duties of the Turkish Football Federation by the Law No.7346 published in the Official Gazette dated December 25, 2021.

Accordingly, if the TFF Board determines that football matches are broadcasted on the internet illegally, it will be able to take a decision to block access to the content of the subject. In cases where the violation cannot be prevented by only blocking access, the TFF can also decide to block access to the entire website.

To read the full article by Güleryüz & Partners Dr. Zahide Altunbaş Sancak (pictured, left) and M. Tarık Güleryüz (pictured, right), click here

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