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Parker Bullen: FA probe was compliant

Law firm conducted probe into FA investigation of David Elleray allegations

An English FA investigation into an incident of alleged racism involving referees committee chairman David Elleray was compliant, according to law firm Parker Bullen.

The purpose of the investigation – which was conducted by Parker Bullen consultant solicitor Leigh Barnett (pictured) – was to determine whether any of the allegations raised were “substantiated by evidence and, if so, whether they amounted to misconduct warranting further action”.

An FA statement said that Leigh Barnett’s investigation found that the investigation in 2014 was “compliant with the relevant FA policy and that there was insufficient evidence to support the specific allegations against David Elleray, so no further action will be taken”.

It added: “Given the confidential nature of the investigation it would not be appropriate to divulge any further details.”

However, the statement did say that Elleray – who is now based in South Africa – had decided to step down from his role as chair of the FA Referees’ Committee at the end of the 2021-22 season after 20 years on the FA Council. “Out of respect to the independent investigation into allegations against him and the FA, David delayed this retirement announcement until the conclusion of the investigation. The investigation has now concluded and the FA will not be taking any action against David,” the statement said.

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