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FIFA investigating Chilean FA complaint

Disciplinary proceedings opened following Byron David Castillo Segura allegations

FIFA has opened disciplinary proceedings after the Chilean Football Association lodged a complaint with the FIFA Disciplinary Committee which included allegations concerning the "possible falsification of documents" granting Ecuadorian nationality to the player Byron David Castillo Segura.

FIFA said the Chilean FA’s complaint also focused on the “possible ineligibility of the said player to participate in eight qualifying matches of the national team of the Ecuadorian Football Association (FEF) in the preliminary competition of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022”.

A FIFA statement said: “Bearing the above in mind, FIFA has decided to open disciplinary proceedings in relation to the potential ineligibility of Byron David Castillo Segura with regard to the above-mentioned matches.”

It added that the FEF and the Peruvian Football Association had been invited to submit their positions to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee.

FiFA said further details would follow “in due course”.

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