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European Leagues: 'MEPs ignoring piracy'

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Association says European Parliament neglected piracy in Digital Services Act vote

The Association of European Professional Football Leagues (European Leagues) has expressed dismay at the European Parliament’s neglect of the issue of digital piracy in the plenary vote on the Digital Services Act.

A European Leagues statement said the body “strongly regrets that the European Parliament (EP) plenary vote on the Digital Services Act (DSA) did not respond to the urgent request from live content producers and in particular sport events’ organisers to address the issue of digital piracy.”

It added that the EP position “fails to deliver” on the removal or disabling of access to illegal live content during a live broadcast.

European Leagues said the issue “plagues the organisers of professional football competitions across Europe”, which rely on the “economic value” of live media rights.

Alberto Colombo, deputy general secretary of the European Leagues, said: The failure to clarify the concept of “expeditious removal or disabling access” to illegal live content, proposed as part of amendments to recital 22, is a missed opportunity to make enforcement of our rights meaningful and real.”

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