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EFL 'committed to solving' Derby legal case

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

League issues statement saying it hopes to clarify the situation as 'soon as possible'

The EFL has issued a statement saying that it is “committed to finding an appropriate solution” to the legal action being brought by Middlesbrough and Wycombe Wanderers against Derby County.

The EFL said in the statement that Middlesbrough FC commenced its claims against Derby County over 12 months ago in “arbitration proceedings, the framework for which is set out in EFL regulations”.

It continued: “As the arbitration proceedings are private and confidential, we are unable to provide any further detail. The EFL is aware that the Administrators have also received notice of claims from Wycombe Wanderers FC of a similar nature to those of Middlesbrough FC, but the EFL has not received full details of them.”

The EFL has said it is aware that Derby County “consider the claims to be spurious”, but has also said that, despite this, the current bidders [for the club] “appear unwilling to assume the risk of defending them.”

“In contrast, Middlesbrough FC and Wycombe Wanderers consider the claims to have merit, and that their rights will be adversely affected if Derby County can extinguish or compromise the claims using the insolvency process,” the statement added.

The EFL said that trying to simplify what is a complex legal position is “not simple or straightforward but we are committed to finding an appropriate solution and providing clarity on the issue as soon as possible”.

In response a Middlesbrough statement said: “MFC has made clear that it does not wish to see Derby County fall into liquidation, and that MFC is happy to be realistic in its expectations in order for Derby County to exit administration. However, it is ultimately up to the administrators or the new owner to put a firm and realistic proposal forward or merely agree that MFC’s claim, when finally determined, will be met in full by the new owners.”

To read EFL full statement, click here

To read Middlesbrough statement, click here

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