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Laporta: 'Barcelona recovering top status'

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Barcelona's president says Torres signing shows Catalan giants are enjoying revival

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has claimed the club is recovering its status as a top club after unveiling the signing of Ferran Torres.

Laporta (pictured), a lawyer who is founding partner of the law firm, Laporta & Arbós Advocats Associats, said: “We’re definitely recovering our status. Everybody in the world should get ready, as we are back as big players in the market.”

Torres signed for Barcelona from Manchester City for €55 million.

Laporta remarked: ““We’re working to build a top team. Everything is possible if we do things well, and I’m sure we will. Top players are open to joining Barça.”

Laporta & Arbós Advocats Associats has built a reputation for advising football clubs on merchandising, sponsorship, image rights and TV deals.

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